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At the Law Office of Peacock & Le Beau, our criminal lawyers have worked side-by-side for more than 20 years and successfully represented thousands of clients facing criminal charges. Stephen P. Peacock and Jeffrey O. Le Beau have 40+ years of collective legal experience in criminal law and DUI defense. When it comes to defending against criminal charges, few things will be as vital to your defense as having a skilled and experienced attorney fighting in your corner.

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In addition to years of experience and success, Mr. Peacock and Mr. Le Beau are criminal law specialists certified by the California State Bar. Only around 350 lawyers in California have achieved this distinction—our legal team consists of two of only three board-certified criminal defense attorneys in Long Beach. This certification attests to our team's dedication to excellence in criminal defense. Our ongoing effort to deliver positive solutions continues to drive our success.

The Criminal Cases We Handle

We help clients in all kinds of criminal cases, including:

Many firms may be able to take on a criminal case, but few can match our firm's success and dedication. Both of our Long Beach criminal lawyers work tirelessly to protect our clients and secure their best interests. Mr. Peacock and Mr. Le Beau have both been selected for inclusion in the California Super Lawyers® list, a distinction that only 5% of lawyers in the state are able to achieve.

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More than half of our new cases are referred to us by past clients, judges, prosecutors, police officers, and other attorneys. Individuals choose us to help their friends and loved ones because we consistently deliver legal solutions to our clients. We value the confidence and trust of our clients most—we know that their success is our success. We keep our clients informed throughout the process of their case and make a point to return phone calls promptly within 24 hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Criminal Defense

From DUI to violent crimes, every case is unique. We know that a personalized approach to the individual circumstances of each case is an essential part of our clients' defenses. As part of our dedication to our clients' confidence and trust, we strive to provide answers to every question. Below are some of the common inquiries we receive. Review the information here, and when you are prepared to take the next step to protect your future, contact our firm!

What cases can a criminal defense attorney help with?

Ideally, a criminal attorney is able to help in any criminal case. The more experience they have, the better. We have 40+ years of collective legal experience—no criminal charges are too simple or complex for our firm. We know that, due to the nature of criminal offenses, an individual may be facing more than one criminal charge in a given situation. We are more than prepared to take these challenges on for our clients.

What are the penalties for a juvenile offense?

Youths who are convicted of a juvenile crime may face a number of serious penalties. These include monetary fines, home confinement, juvenile hall, probation, adult jail, electronic monitoring, and other punishments that vary depending on the circumstances. Many of these penalties can appear on a youth's permanent criminal record and prove to be detrimental to their future opportunities.

What do I do if I was already convicted?

If you have been convicted of a crime, you may still be able to take legal action to protect your future. In the right circumstances, expungement allows you to keep your criminal record clean in view of potential employers and other entities. This allows you to seek gainful employment and obtain a fresh start without having to worry about the stigma of a mark on your criminal record.

What should I do or not do if I have been arrested?

Above all, do not speak about the case with anyone but your attorney. Whatever you say to a police officer or investigator may be used as evidence against you. You should contact an experienced criminal lawyer immediately. Our firm offers free consultations for potential clients to discuss their situation. Our criminal defense team is more than capable of representing our clients' rights and best interests in court.

What approach does the firm take to representation?

At the Law Office of Peacock & Le Beau, we take a team approach to our clients' cases. While one attorney takes primary responsibility of the case, our team collaborates and discusses strategies to prepare a case for full jury trial. Our attorneys have collaborated on cases for more than 20 years—we continue to be recognize for our talented defense strategies as well as our wealth of legal knowledge and resources.

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Our criminal defense lawyers proudly serve Long Beach and surrounding communities:

The fact that our team fully prepares a case for trial actually allows our clients to avoid the risks and expenses of going to trial in many cases. This is because we thoroughly investigate each client's case and find evidence that helps to undermine the prosecutor's confidence and secure fair dispositions and resolutions for our clients. Regardless of the type of charge you are facing, our firm has the background and knowledge that you need to pursue an effective outcome.

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