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At our firm, the Law Office of Peacock & Le Beau, we take a team approach for every person we represent. Our focus is on determining the best strategy for the defense, and putting in long hours in case development. One of our lead attorneys is a Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist, which is rare to find at a law firm. There are only a small percentage of attorneys that have done the work and testing to gain this state board certification, and you can take advantage of the skills and experience we bring to the table. When your future freedom is in question, and the case could go either way, it is imperative that you have highly skilled, creative defense counsel on your side. We are a formidable team, committed to justice, and ready to fight to protect your rights at every step in the criminal justice process.

We defend those who are accused of a range of criminal offenses, including theft crimes, sex crimes, violent crimes, drug crimes, and cases involving young people facing juvenile crime charges. Our goal is to craft the most effective defense case possible, based upon the facts in the case. We study all of the material available, including every police report, lab report, witness statement or other piece of evidence, searching for the holes in the case – and our insight into criminal defense allows us to identify the strategy to employ. Contact our firm so we can evaluate your personal situation. Whether the case is based upon false testimony, faulty police work, rights violations, a case of mistaken identity or any other situation, we will advise you of how we will approach defending your case.

Defending the Criminally Accused in Redondo Beach

Our legal team is prepared to evaluate your case immediately. In many criminal charges, our early involvement in the case is critical. There could be serious errors that could allow for the charges to be dismissed or reduced. We prefer to get started on a defense case immediately after an arrest when possible. If you are under investigation and believe that you are the target in a criminal case, call us. Do not answer any questions from investigators without your lawyer present. Unfortunately, questioning by police often leads to an arrest within a short period of time. If you believe that your innocence is enough to guarantee that you won't be found guilty, you don't know the justice system. If there is evidence that points to you, the full force of the state government will be brought to bear to convict. You must have an equally determined and powerful defense team on your side, as early as possible.

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