Case Results

(13) Counts of Illegal Possession of Assault Weapons


Original offer: Felony

Reduced to: Misdemeanor deferred entry of judgement and charges dismissed after 6 months, other guns returned

Sexual Battery, Assault, and Potential Registration

Not Guilty

Reduced to: Not guilty

(2) Counts of Sexual Battery and Potential Sex Registration

No Jail or Sex Registration

Original offer: Sexual battery and potential sex registration

Reduced to: Simple battery and no jail or sex registration

(22) Counts of Inhabited Dwelling Shooting


Original offer: Felony and possession of assault weapon, silencer

Reduced to: (1) count of negligent discharge and (1) year drug treatment

Drug Possession for Sales


Possession for sales charge with probation violation for prior possession for sale charge result in drug treatment program

DUI Drugs


Ambien DUI with accident reduced to dry reckless

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