Blog Posts in 2015

  • 21-Aug-2015

    I Was Convicted of DUI. Can I Get This Expunged From My Record?

    In California, a DUI conviction is recorded onto two separate records: a DMV driving record and a criminal record. A DUI will be stricken from a person’s driving record within 10 years, but it will remain on their criminal record unless certain ...
  • 5-Aug-2015

    Discovering the Differences Between Federal and State Crimes

    Criminal violations come in all shapes and sizes. From theft and murder to counterfeiting and tax fraud, there are seemingly endless ways to break the law in America. But did you know that depending on what you did or where you did it, your alleged ...
  • 1-Jul-2015

    Convictions That are Eligible for an Appeal

    The gavel hits the platform with a thud that rings of finality and you shudder, thinking about the penalties that await you based on your criminal conviction. If you feel that your recent conviction signifies the end of the road, it may be time to ...
  • 2-Jun-2015

    Reading Texts Without a Warrant

    In today’s day and age, cell phones are everything. They remind us of doctor appointments, alert us to important messages from loved ones, and keep us in tune with all that is going on in our social circles. With so much information stored on ...
  • 15-Jan-2015

    Proposition 47 Reduces Penalties of Nonviolent Crimes

    Proposition 47 was approved on November 4th, 2014. In the new year, many individuals may have an unexpected encounter with the law. It can happen to anyone. When facing criminal charges in California, Proposition 47 may come to your aid in the form ...
  • 9-Jan-2015

    Why Hire an Attorney for Your Case?

    In a trial, only you can bear the burden of proving your innocence and protecting yourself against the consequences of a criminal conviction. Judges and prosecutors are tasked with upholding the law. A skilled attorney can prepare you for the ...

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