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  • Congress Proposes Bill to Fix DUI Reporting Loophole

    || 23-Mar-2018

    Earlier this month, Tennessee Congressman Steve Cohen (Democrat) and Ohio Congressman Steve Chabot (Republican) proposed the DUI Reporting Act. The proposed bill aims to solve a longstanding loophole in the system that was allowing repeat DUI offenders to walk away as “first-time” offenders. Tennessee law requires police to report all DUIs Unlike many other states, Tennessee law ...
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  • FAQ About DMV Hearings After DUI Arrests in California

    || 23-Aug-2016

    Allow Us to Help You Prepare for Your DMV Court Date Following an arrest for suspicion of driving under the influence ( DUI ) in California, you will understandably have a lot of questions and concerns regarding your future. In particular, you might be stumped by the mention of something called a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) administrative hearing. Is this a form of DUI criminal trial unique ...
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  • DUI Process: From Arrest to Reinstatement

    || 12-Aug-2016

    Preparation is a key component of success in all endeavors, and this rings true for driving under the influence ( DUI ) cases as well. In order to help your future self out, it is beneficial to understand the DUI process in more detail now, rather than when you are already in the middle of it. The DUI process in California can be broken down into six distinct stages: Stop and arrest: It would be ...
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  • I Was Convicted of DUI. Can I Get This Expunged From My Record?

    || 21-Aug-2015

    In California, a DUI conviction is recorded onto two separate records: a DMV driving record and a criminal record. A DUI will be stricken from a person’s driving record within 10 years, but it will remain on their criminal record unless certain criteria are met. Seeking expungement can be a very wise thing to consider, since a criminal record can make it difficult to find employment. If your ...
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  • Arrested at a DUI Checkpoint?

    || 20-Jun-2014

    One of the most common methods that law enforcement will take to enforce the drunk driving laws on Long Beach residents is DUI checkpoints. These checkpoints are an exception to the rule that police officers will need to have probable cause for a traffic stop. Law enforcement has the power to conduct systematic traffic stops to identify drivers who are under the influence of alcohol. DUI ...
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