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At the Law Office of Peacock & Le Beau, our Long Beach criminal defense lawyers understand the severity of the aggravated assault charges you are facing. Upon a conviction, you could be put behind bars for months or even years and be fined thousands of dollars, depending on the circumstances of the alleged violent crime.

Due to the gray areas and complexities surrounding aggravated assault charges, you will want to make certain you shield yourself with renowned and experienced defense attorneys. One of our lead attorneys at our Long Beach firm is a California State Bar certified criminal law specialist, a prestigious title that less than 400 lawyers in the entire state have earned. The dedication, skill, and knowledge they must possess to obtain such a designation sets them apart from many other law firms.

We believe our team should be your first choice of defense in your aggravated assault case because we have:

Understanding and Challenging Aggravated Assault Claims

In many cases of assault, the charges are escalated due to the introduction of some form of weapon. Unfortunately, just about anything can be considered a weapon if the alleged victim feels you were holding it with the intent to cause serious bodily harm to them. This means you could be charged even if you were simply holding your car keys in a potentially menacing way.

Weapons or devices that are more commonly related to aggravated assault charges include:

  • Knives
  • Firearms
  • Hazardous chemicals
  • Blunt instruments

Retain a Team That Has Provided Aggressive Defense for Decades

Why take on your aggravated assault case alone when you can instead work with a dedicated team of professionals that always keep your best interests in mind. We can go to great lengths to ensure that your rights are not ignored. We can burn the midnight oil to make certain the defense we build on your behalf is solid or “waterproof.” The truth behind our firm’s mission to make our clients our priority is that we genuinely want to see your charges reduced or dismissed.

The sooner you act, the better your chances in court. Contact us as soon as possible.

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