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What Are the Penalties for Manslaughter in California?

An unlawful killing that does not involve any obvious forethought, planning, or malice is considered manslaughter. While the absence of wicked intent or excessive violence may lead to criminal penalties that are less severe than those associated with murder, the punishments are still quite extreme. If you are convicted of manslaughter, you may spend years behind bars, pay thousands in fines, and face a variety of other consequences throughout your life, such as loss of employment and removal of child custody rights.

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Different Forms of Manslaughter Carry Different Punishments

Just as there are varying degrees and types of murder, there are different forms of manslaughter that can be involved with your charges. When you work with us on your case, we will help you understand just what the prosecution is trying to use against you and how we can successfully challenge them. In order to do that, you should know the basic differences between the two primary variations of manslaughter, which include:

  • Voluntary manslaughter: Killing someone in the “heat of passion” after either being strongly provoked or intimidated to the point of fearing for their life.
  • Involuntary manslaughter: Killing someone due to criminally negligent or reckless behavior, such as deaths resulting from someone who was intoxicated while driving.

Defend Your Rights with a Certified Criminal Specialist

Out of all the criminal defense attorneys in California, less than 400 of them are California State Bar certified criminal law specialists. Our Criminal Defense Attorney Stephen Peacock has earned this prestigious qualification. When you retain our firm for your case, you can have confidence that an expert who has proven his dedication to defense law will be on your side.

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When you are possibly facing some of the harshest punishments the California State justice system can utilize, you simply cannot afford to hesitate to seek professional legal advocacy. Let our Long Beach violent crimes lawyers stand for you in court and aggressively push back against the prosecution on your behalf. We believe that everyone deserves a fair chance, and we would be honored to show you just what we can do to ensure that you are given yours.

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