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At the Law Office of Peacock & Le Beau, our legal team operates differently than many Lakewood criminal defense lawyers. We work as a team, and one partner is currently a Certified Criminal Law Specialist. We focus a great deal of our practice on trial law, and if you are looking for a criminal lawyer that will just hold your hand while you plead guilty, there are hundreds who could fulfill that function. If you are looking for a firm that is focused on litigation, and is prepared to craft a persuasive case for your defense, call us.

A Full Review of the Evidence is the First Step

The first issue to address is a review of the evidence that led to your arrest. We want to meet with you and listen to your side of the story. You have the right to an attorney – but levels of skill and training vary widely. It is essential that the firm you choose is very skilled in defense case development. When shaping the most effective strategy to employ at trial, we comb through every detail of the evidence, looking for where the prosecutor went wrong, and where the holes in the case could be exploited. Whether you are facing a criminal charge for DUI, a theft crime, a sex crime, a violent crime, or a drug crime, or your child has been charged with a juvenile crime, when we take on your case you can be confident that everything possible will be done to help you fight back.

Being charged with a crime is a very frightening and stressful experience, and the possibility of losing your freedom – in some cases for years – is very real. The criminal justice system is tough, and prosecutors are focused on getting a conviction, at all cost. When going up against the full force of the state government and all of the resources available to them, you need an equally powerful and creative team on your side. Call our firm today for more information about how we can help.

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