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Charged with Petty Theft or Grand Theft in Southern California?

A report from the California Legislative Analyst's Office found that nearly one in three individuals serving time in prisons throughout the state were convicted of property crimes, which include most crimes of theft. A lot is at stake for individuals who have been charged with theft—many of them face:

  • Years of imprisonment
  • Thousands in fines
  • Probation
  • Permanent mark on their criminal record

A theft crime conviction could have devastating consequences for your future. At the Law Office of Peacock & Le Beau, we help our clients protect their rights and best interests in theft crime cases and other legal troubles—to date, we have helped thousands of individuals find success in their cases. Whether you have just been arrested or are preparing to take your case to trial, contact our firm and discuss your situation with our criminal defense lawyers in Long Beach.

We fight every fight for our clients. Learn more about theft crimes, what to expect in a criminal case, and how to take effective legal action. When you are ready to find a solution, contact our firm at 562-888-9148 or schedule a free consultation!

Theft and Larceny Laws in California

Theft is also referred to as larceny in some states, but the definitions generally remain the same. Theft is the act or intent to permanently take/withhold a possession or right to property from an owner. Depending on the value of stolen property, theft may be classified as petty theft or grand theft.

Theft crimes include many different types of property, such as:

  • Personal property
  • Money
  • Real property
  • Valuable labors/services

California Penal Code § 484-502.9 outlines both petty and grand theft. One of the essential factors in a case is the value of stolen property. If the value of stolen property is below $950, the crime is usually treated as a misdemeanor. If the value exceeds $950, the theft is usually treated as a felony.

Types of Theft Crimes

Learn more about different theft and larceny charges we handle, such as:

What are the Penalties for Petty Theft and Grand Theft?

Petty theft results in the following:

  • Fines up to $1,000
  • Imprisonment up to 6 months
  • Probation up to 3 years

Grand theft results in the following:

  • Fines above $1,000
  • Imprisonment up to 1 year
  • Probation up to 3 years

In cases of petty theft or grand theft, the individual may face thousands of dollars in fines, a length sentence in jail or prison, and years of informal probation. However, the mark of a criminal conviction on your permanent record may do the most damage—criminal convictions can prevent individuals from advancing their career and building strong credit.

Finding Solutions to Your Theft Crime Case

Facing the charges alone could make your situation worse than it has to be. A skilled theft crime lawyer may not only help you explore all the legal options available to you, but also protect you from facing a charge that is unnecessarily severe. Do not suffer a felony conviction when the charge against you may only constitute a misdemeanor offense!

At the Law Office of Peacock & Le Beau, our criminal defense attorneys carefully review each of our client's cases to determine an effective course of legal action. If you have been arrested for a theft crime in Long Beach, you deserve representation from a legal professional who cares about your future and fights every fight that may be necessary. We make clients our prioritygive us a call to learn how we can represent you at this time.

We Find Solutions with Alternative Sentences

Many property crimes, including almost all theft crimes, are eligible for reduced sentencing for misdemeanor charges, and even some felony charges as well. However, these alternative sentences are not automatically granted—they may have to be requested, and in some cases, you may have to fight for your fair resolution in court.

We are prepared to help our clients fight to protect their future, whether that means securing a theft crime case dismissal or an alternative sentence that minimizes the damage. Our legal team prepares every case for trial to ensure that we are prepared to help secure the best possible outcome.

Facing charges? Learn more about our defense services during a free initial consultation!

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