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Heroin, a drug derived from opium, is typically processed as a powder dissolved in water to be injected into the user. While the effects of abusing the drug are obviously detrimental to one’s health after just one use, it continues to be a popular illegal substance throughout the United States, including California.

Under Penal Code 21 USC § 802, the possession, manufacture, and distribution of any amount of heroin, no matter how small, is strictly illegal. Most people charged with a heroin-related crime are accused of possession. There are, however, two forms of possession that are important to be distinguished:

  • Simple possession: If an individual is found to be holding heroin, is aware he or she was holding it, and is aware that it is illegal to have it on his or her person, this is considered simple possession. It is very difficult to defend against a simple possession charge without an experienced drug crime attorney.
  • Constructive possession: A person may be charged with constructive possession of heroin if he or she merely has knowledge of illegal heroin stored or held somewhere. Additionally, if an individual is convicted of having intent to distribute heroin without actually being found with any on his or her person at any time, this is considered constructive possession.

Constructive possession is considered controversial by many drug defense lawyers and can be successfully contested if legal aid is retained. If you are facing a drug offense charge in the greater Long Beach area, call the Law Office of Peacock & Le Beau right now for experienced legal protection.

Punishments for Heroin Offenses

As it is illegal to possess heroin in any part of the country, punishments will consider both federal and state laws. On first offenses for possession, an individual typically cannot be fined more than $1,000 and cannot be jailed for more than a year. For recurring offenses, or for distribution and manufacture of illicit substances, the punishment begins to worsen dramatically. State laws are typically very similar to federal laws on this matter and may not include additional punishment.

California Proposition 47 (November 2014): When California’s Proposition 47 passed and took effect on November 5, 2014, many drug possession crimes were downgraded from felonies to misdemeanors. This change may drastically affect your chances in court.

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