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Traffic collisions are often sudden, unexpected, and very frightening. In the moment, a person can be overcome by a surge of adrenaline and overwhelmed by the flight impulse. This can be especially troubling for drivers who may have been drinking and are worried about facing a DUI-related offense. However, this may be the least of a person’s troubles—whether sober or intoxicated, fleeing the scene of an auto accident is a serious criminal offense that may be charged as a felony.

If you fled the scene of an accident, or are facing charges of fleeing the scene, a DUI charge only makes the situation worse. In any case, it is vital for you to get in touch with a criminal defense attorney who has the skills and experience to help you find an effective solution. At the Law Office of Peacock & Le Beau, we have over 40+ years of combined experience. Your best chance against a hit and run DUI charge may be with our criminal lawyers in Long Beach.

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Penalties for Hit and Run Crimes

Under California law, drivers are required to stay at the scene of an accident in order to identify themselves to the other driver and to exchange insurance information. To ensure the safety of everyone involved, drivers are also required to render aid to the injured if necessary. Fleeing the scene of an accident where you cause damage to property can result in a misdemeanor offense, which may include 6 months in jail and $1,000 in fines. If you fled the scene of an accident where another person was injured or killed, the hit and run often results in a felony offense. Felony hit and run may include $10,000 in fines and several years in state prison.

Defense Strategies for Hit and Run Cases

There are, fortunately, ways to defend against charges of leaving the scene. To begin with, it may be difficult or impossible for the prosecutor to prove that it was actually you who were involved in the accident, such as if your vehicle does not bear any marks of a collision or if the witness testimony does not stand up to aggressive cross-examination. Similarly, it might be possible to argue that you were not aware that you had been involved in an accident. The key to success in defeating the charges is to take action as early as possible by hiring a Long Beach criminal defense attorney to advise you of your rights and advocate on your behalf in court. A seasoned lawyer may be able to work on your behalf to challenge DUI evidence and help you seek a positive outcome.

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