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Violent crimes carry heavy consequences that could haunt you for the rest of your life. If convicted, you could face steep fines in thousands of dollars and years in jail or prison. A permanent mark on your criminal record can make it difficult to find gainful employment and build your credit for financial opportunities in the future. Secure legal counsel to protect your rights!

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What is a Violent Crime in California?

The California Penal Code (CAL. PEN. CODE § 667) covers the definition of violent crimes. The law refers to violent crimes as "violent felony offenses." If you are facing a violent criminal offense, you may be facing felony penalties, which are far more severe than the penalties of a misdemeanor.

Types of Violent Crimes

According to California law, a violent felony offense may include any of the following:

What are the Penalties for Violent Crimes?

A criminal offense that involves the threat or use of violence on another person may be considered a violent felony offense in California. If your case involves a violent crime, you could face the consequences of a felony conviction. Many of these charges are punishable by consequences that could permanently damage your career, or even land you a life imprisonment or death sentence.

With an effective defense strategy catered to your unique situation, you may be able to minimize the damage and even have your case dismissed entirely. To give yourself a strong chance of success, you will want the dedicated representation of a seasoned violent crime attorney. Our Long Beach criminal defense firm has handled over 1,000 successful cases for clients facing serious criminal charges.

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