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Preparing for Trial in Long Beach

In the field of criminal defense, preparation is crucial. By thoroughly preparing a case for trial, it is actually often possible to avoid trial altogether due to the fact that the prosecutor will see that the defense is serious about obtaining the most favorable possible disposition to the case and is ready to fight to beat the charges. Whether or not your own case goes all the way to trial or is resolved in a favorable plea bargain, this team of Long Beach criminal defense lawyers will do everything we can to prepare your case for the best possible results.

How to prepare for trial?

  • Read the charges placed against you
  • Gather any evidence that may prove your case
  • Examine the strengths and weaknesses of your case
  • Organize any documents and evidence you will need for your trial
  • Prepare and identify any of your key witnesses
  • Outline and practice your statement

How Thorough Preparation Can Defeat Criminal Charges

One of the most effective ways to achieve the best possible resolution of a case is to let the prosecution know up front that the defense is prepared, ready and willing to go to trial. The process of preparing a case provides the defense with the necessary facts and legal arguments to undermine the prosecution's confidence in their case. As prosecutors have only so much time and resources available for pursing any given case, they have to prioritize their case load to determine which cases are most likely to result in a conviction and which ones would be better handled by offering plea bargains. In some cases, the prosecutor may even decide to drop the charges based on a lack of evidence.

As an example, consider a case of DUI in which the defendant was arrested with a blood alcohol concentration over the legal limit of 0.08 percent. If the defendant does nothing to fight the charges, or hires an attorney who only performs bare minimum preparation, the case will almost certainly proceed to a conviction. If, however, the defendant hires an attorney who knows how to effectively prepare the defense, the outcome may be far different.

The defense lawyer may be able to invalidate the breath test by subpoenaing the maintenance and calibration records of the breathalyzer machine to demonstrate that it was not capable of providing reliable results. Similarly, the police car dashboard video camera footage may demonstrate that the officer made errors in administering the roadside field sobriety tests, or it might even be possible to reveal that the officer violated the suspect's rights by making a traffic stop without probable cause to suspect that he or she was driving under the influence.

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Because every case is unique and requires its own investigation, you need a firm that will take the time to evaluate your situation and build a defense that suits your needs. At the Law Office of Peacock & Le Beau, we are ready to start working on your case the moment you contact us for help. Call us now or complete our online case evaluation form so our Long Beach criminal defense attorneys can put our experience on your side. Let us put our decades of combined experience to work for you!

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Hiring an attorney to help you fight against a criminal charge is one of the most important decisions of your life. Their experience and track record can mean the difference between a favorable or unfavorable outcome. 

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