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According to recent statistics, nearly 70 million Americans have tried marijuana at least once. Drug use continues to grow in America, especially when it comes to this drug. California is known for controversial debates and laws on the cultivation and use of marijuana. While some medical uses of marijuana have been legalized, the manufacturing and distribution of this drug has not.

If you are facing a charge of marijuana possession in Long Beach or the surrounding areas, contact the Law Office of Peacock & Le Beau. Our criminal defense team has 40+ years of combined legal experience handling drug crimes and other serious offenses.

State & Federal Marijuana Drug Laws

There have been many incidents where police have wrongly arrested an individual for marijuana possession or distribution even though they had medical approval. In spite of the fact that many people have become more relaxed about marijuana use, California still enacts tough laws against the illegal possession of this drug. If you are caught and charged with the possession of marijuana, it can result in serious penalties and consequences.

In some cases, a federal violation may be involved in your drug offense. This is common for situations involving large quantities of marijuana, when possession may constitute trafficking or intent to sell. In any case, an unsubstantiated charge should not stand in court—and the accused deserve every opportunity to protect their rights and their freedom against these charges.

Facing Misdemeanor or Felony Possession Charges

Our drug crime lawyers in Long Beach have handled misdemeanor and felony cases. Like many drug crimes and other serious criminal offenses, possession may result in misdemeanor or felony punishments. The exact penalties will depend on the circumstances of each case; however, there is always the risk that an unsubstantiated charge or improperly handled case could result in harsher consequences than an individual deserves—and without adequate legal representation, there may be no way to protect yourself against this.

Penalties for Marijuana Possession in California

Getting caught with marijuana can be dangerous, even in California. Courts continue to inflict heavy penalties for offenders, despite medical permissions. Without official medical approval, it is illegal to be in possession of any amount of concentrated cannabis, even for personal use. For any amount greater than one ounce, you could be facing up to six months in county jail and $500 in fines. If there is enough marijuana to raise suspicions of distribution, you may suffer more severe penalties, such as three years in state prison.

At our firm, we have experience fighting drug crime charges. We will do everything we can to have your case dropped or dismissed. If a police officer violated your Fourth Amendment right against an unreasonable search and seizure, we can use this as an effective defense strategy. Ensure that you have the legal protection you deserve by contacting our firm today. We are prepared to fight your charges.

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