Carjacking Charges in California

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As a more violent crime than grand theft auto, carjacking involves stealing an automobile from the driver while they are present through force or intimidation. Usually some sort of deadly weapon or firearm is present at the time of the carjacking, which will ultimately add a weapons charge to the list of criminal violations. Even if the person committing the act has no intent of keeping the vehicle for any length of time, the offense will still be considered a carjacking.

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What are the penalties of a carjacking conviction?

Whereas grand theft auto can be a misdemeanor in certain circumstances, carjacking is always considered a felony offense. In California, all felonies are associated with harsh penalties that can negatively affect the rest of your life.

Punishments you might be sentenced with upon a carjacking conviction include:

  • $5,000 in fines
  • Three to nine years in prison
  • Community service

It should be noted that it is very unlikely that you would be tried for only carjacking. The presence of a deadly weapon or the physical violence required for a carjacking will enact criminal charges of their own, adding to the fines and jail time you might be facing.

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