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  • Defending Against Violent Crimes Charges

    || 23-Jun-2017

    A conviction for a violent crime can carry long prison sentences or even a life sentence in a third strike case. In addition to prison time, the consequences can also include steep fines and other long-term effects like difficulty finding employment and housing. Someone facing charges for a violent crime needs an experienced and skilled defense attorney to minimize any consequences and assure the ...
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  • Convictions That are Eligible for an Appeal

    || 1-Jul-2015

    The gavel hits the platform with a thud that rings of finality and you shudder, thinking about the penalties that await you based on your criminal conviction. If you feel that your recent conviction signifies the end of the road, it may be time to reconsider. Those convicted of both felonies and misdemeanors in California have the right to an appeal process. Like many aspects of the criminal ...
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